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  Gallery of flower funeral altars
Beauty Kadan is a pioneer in the area of Seika Saidan.

Our business was founded in Kumamoto and we celebrated the 30th anniversary of our foundation in 2004. Over the years, our technical personnel have introduced many innovations and made significant progress in developing their skills as they have worked diligently to meet the requests of funeral companies and bereaved. We have a team of around 100 technical staff, the largest in the industry. The Gallery showcases our Seika Saidan produced in the past using our top rated techniques.

Nowadays more and more people are seeking original ceremonies that are suited to the deceased. It is possible for Seika Saidan to reflect the wishes of the bereaved families, remembering the personality of the departed in the form of a style created with flowers.

We invite you to view our superbly expressive and artistic Seika Saidan, produced using sophisticated techniques to express color gradation with different orientations and different degrees to which the flowers are open.

Seika Saidan with motifs
Seika Saidan that feature scenic views
Large-scale Seika Saidan



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